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About us

Sugared Beauty Lounge was founded by Crystal in 2013 with one goal in mind: provide the best hair removal experience in the world. Historically hair removal services, either waxing or sugaring, have been provided by a variety of spas and salons as an afterthought. Usually in a cramped back room and almost always by someone who's primary training is for something else.


Here at Sugared Beauty Lounge all of that is ancient history. You can be confident that when you come in to have your brazillian done, or eyebrows shaped, you won't be in the hands of someone that would rather be cutting your hair. Sugaring is all we do, we are the best, and you can be super comfortable knowing that we are experts and we love it!


But the best thing about Sugared Beauty Lounge is that our passion doesn't stop at removing all the hair off your body, although we really do love that!, we also want to make sure you are pampered with the best customer service experience imaginable. A visit to Sugared Beauty Lounge isn't just about smoothing your skin, we do our best to smooth your whole day.

Crystal Layman Sugaring Beauty Lounge Lynwood WA

Crystal Layman

Owner / Esthetician 

Crystal is the "lady with the vision," which really just means she is the proud owner and founder of Sugared Beauty Lounge. Crystal got her small business start as a barista on her college campus while a student. She took the rather obvious next step to work for the largest coffee company in the world eventually becoming a store manager and along the way had the opportunity to open her own location.


After eight years of making coffee and treating customers right, Crystal felt it was time to do something she was passionate about. Of course it can be a little intimidating to open your own business so Crystal cut her teeth while working for the largest sugaring studio in Seattle. And now armed with passion, experience and a relentlessly positive attitude she has taken the leap and is proud to share her vision of the ultimate hair removal experience with the Pacific Northwest.


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