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Welcome to Sugared Beauty Lounge:
A great place to come and get smooth.

Sugared Beauty Lounge is Lynnwood's first dedicated sugaring studio, where we focus specifically on hair removal with our world class all-natural sugaring technique.


At Sugared Beauty Lounge we believe your experience began the moment you found out about us. If you are nervous or new to sugaring let us help put your fears to rest. We have an excellent team of warm and caring professionals eager to answer all of your questions. There is nothing too embarrassing or too personal, believe me, our entire team has been there and done that.


Sugared Beauty Lounge isn't just your average run of the mill salon, it's a life changing experience. We are passionate about providing a first class service for our guests and it comes across in everything we do. We love sugaring and we want to help you experience how pleasant the process really can be. If you have never tried sugaring before or if you've had a bad experience somewhere else you really owe it to yourself to swing by and give us a try..

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